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What Can Occupational Therapist do for your Family?

When people hear me saying I am studying occupational therapy they always ask, “can you help me look for a job? Or they give a blank stare asking if I meant physical therapy?” Then I resort to giving my elevator speech.

Sensory Fun: Activities to Enrich Your Child's Environment

Children learn through their senses which is why it is important that we give them a sensory enriched environment to help them along the way. Take a look at some of our favorite sensory activities that you and your family are sure to enjoy.

The Importance of Routines and Structure in Early Childhood Development

Candidly speaking, kids need structure and routine to help them get through the day.

Five Tips for Children (and Adults) Who Struggle to Keep Their Masks On

In this day in age, masks are a new way of life and required to enter public spaces. Here are some tips for both children and adults who are having trouble with their masks.

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