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At Kemit Academy, we strive to provide a safe and developmentally appropriate early childhood education and therapeutic environment for infants through school-age children. We teach to the needs of each child and cater to their interests. Our focus is to provide an equitable, accessible, and stimulating educational experience that promotes each child’s social/emotional, physical, and cognitive development. We have plenty of room to move and explore, children are provided nurturing guidance to develop these skills and master milestones.

We believe in child-centered and play-based learning, that each child is important, as well as their individual interests. Children explore and discover through play. We encourage children to use their senses and imagination while discovering the world.

Through a broad range of activities and exceptional instruction, we encourage children to apply their talents, identify new interests, develop caring friendships, and build confidence in their ability to succeed.
The Kemit Academy Crew
A word from our Founder & Executive Director

“School is for everyone and should never be a place of exclusion. Our goal at Kemit Academy is to make early childhood education accessible, inclusive, and equitable or all children.”

Kiley Russell

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