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Kemit Academy is committed to making childhood education accessible, inclusive, and equitable for all children.

Toddler I Classroom

Children 12-18 months (Walkers)

Toddler II Classroom

Children 18- 27 months

Two-Three Classroom

Children 2- 3 years of age

Jr. Pre-K Classroom

Children 3-5 years of age

Therapeutic Day Classroom

At Kemit Academy & Pediatric Therapy, we offer specialized Therapeutic Day Care Services designed to support children with special needs. Each day, your child will engage in a variety of activities aimed at enhancing their developmental skills, including communication, literacy, feeding, fine motor abilities, gross motor skills, and self-help techniques. Our unique approach integrates multi-modal activities such as reading sessions, musical experiences, physical movement exercises, sensory exploration, artistic endeavors, and diverse forms of play. We believe in a holistic approach, emphasizing the importance of social and emotional development as well as fostering positive peer interactions.Every activity is carefully adapted to ensure your child's success in our program. Our goal is to assist them in reaching important academic milestones and ultimately, enabling them to move on to “big kid” school with confidence.  Join us at Kemit Academy & Pediatric Therapy, where we nurture each child's potential through a supportive and enriching environment.

I’ve been at Kemit since it’s opening and I appreciate the teachers and other staff because they actually care about our children!

Kemit Academy Family

"We appreciate the level of care and focus the team at Kemit Academy provides to our child."

Kemit Academy Family

My child attends this school and he is always very happy when dropped off in the morning.

Kemit Academy Family

My child is coming home to practice some of the skills he’s learning. I’m excited to keep him at this daycare.

Kemit Academy Family
Kemit Academy

Making early childhood education accessible, inclusive, and equitable for all.

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