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Until further notice, child drop-off will be conducted at our front lobby.

Until further notice, child drop-off will be conducted at our front lobby. Starting at 7:00 am, the door for the Kemit front door/playground (Dorchester entrance) will be open. Parents will bring their children to the door to be evaluated. This evaluation will take place outside the classroom and include if the child has been exposed to ANY COVID-19 symptoms if the child has taken any fever-reducing medication if the child has experienced any of the listed COVID-19 symptoms. Each child’s temperature will be taken upon arrival. Parents will be required to sign in and out with a signature and time. We ask all families to keep goodbyes brief and avoid lingering in the lobby or hallway areas at any time. Due to potentially high numbers of children being present at one time during drop off and pick up, there will be markings on the ground that are socially distant that will provide each family with their own waiting space during these highly populated times. Before entering the classroom, students will be required to change into SCHOOL ONLY shoes. At 8:30 am the door will be locked. If you arrive after 8:30 am you will need to call 773-966-5039 to be admitted.

If you have given your child fever-reducing medication, DO NOT send your child to school.

Please note: We will only admit one family at a time into the lobby, the line to get into Kemit Academy will be OUTSIDE so please come prepared to wait in all types of weather. We will move as quickly as possible.


Each child will be required to change into a pair of SCHOOL ONLY shoes each morning. This means that after drop-off each student will change into SCHOOL shoes and at pick-up, each student will change back into their HOME shoes. We are not requiring students to change clothes upon arrival.

Face Coverings

Adults and ALL children (except infants), will be required to wear masks at all times. Please make sure your child has his/ her mask on BEFORE entering the building. Kemit Academy staff should wear a mask to school and at any time they are in the hallways. At this time Kemit Academy WILL NOT be using the hallway for additional activities during the school day.


Please pull children’s hair away from their faces. If hair is long enough, please put it in a ponytail, braids, etc. If hair is not long enough to pull up, please use clips, bobby pins, headbands, etc.

Hand Washing

Kemit Academy has always focused on hand washing. This will continue. Hands are to be washed immediately upon entering the classroom, after toileting, before and after eating, when hands are visibly dirty, and after touching the mouth, face, genitals, etc. Hand sanitizer is also available, however, proper hand washing is preferred.


Kemit kids are the only group to use the playground. Therefore, we will still be utilizing our playground at least two times a day, weather permitting when it is safe.

Physical Distancing

Due to the nature of preschool children’s development, it is not possible to keep children 6 feet apart while in attendance.  In this context, social distancing will be an effort to encourage children to play together in small groups, rather than large groups. Social distancing will be practiced as much as possible with the understanding that these are daycare/preschool-aged children and “social” experiences are necessary for their emotional well-being. We will have assigned seating for meals, we will be limiting the number of students that can play at each center at one time. We have removed some classroom furniture to reduce surface areas needing to be cleaned and to encourage children to play in small groups.


We will supply sheets for cots and cribs that will be washed by us on a weekly basis. Cots will be placed 6 feet apart and the children will be sleeping head to toe. As usual, children will sleep on a crib or cot reserved only for them, in an assigned spot within the classroom.


Children will have assigned seats for all mealtimes (breakfast, snacks, and lunch) with name tags indicating placement. All tables will be pulled apart and separated to allow for additional physical distancing during meal times.

Temperature Checks

Children and adults will have their temperature taken at least twice during the day. Temperatures will be taken upon arrival, before entry into the classroom, as well as an additional midday temperature check.  

Cubby Items

Please supply ONLY the following in a labeled large Ziploc bag: 3 changes of clothes (underwear, socks, shorts, pants, shirts), sunscreen, ONE nap item that will be kept on your child’s cot at school. At the current time, home toys need to remain at home with the exception of significant attachment items.

Cleaning and Disinfecting

We will ensure frequent cleaning and disinfecting of high-touch surfaces, toys, and laundered items. This includes spraying, soaking, wiping, and/or washing these items.

Pick Up

Parents will be required to come to the Kemit door to pick up their children. Children will be required to wash their hands and change shoes. Parents will be required to sign them out with a time and signature. If children are playing on the playground at the time of pick-up the gate WILL BE locked. Please get the attention of a Kemit teacher and they will let you in.

Staying Home

We all need to look out for one another.  Please be aware we have enrolled families, as well as adult staff, who have family members at home with medical conditions. Please keep your children home if you see any of the listed CDC symptoms. Most importantly, parents know their children best. If your child wakes up and does ‘not appear to be him/herself ( i.e. glossy eyes, flushed cheeks, dry red lips, lack of energy, lack of appetite, and runny nose) PLEASE keep your child home.

***Additionally, families should monitor the Cook County Department of Health website and follow the guidelines to quarantine when returning home from states with high levels of community spread (18 states as of July 20, 2021).

Illness Developing During the Day

As always, If your child is experiencing ANY symptoms of illness, parents will be asked to pick up their child for the day.  Children may return once symptoms have disappeared and with a negative COVID test, doctor’s note saying they are in good health and can be at school. In the case of fever; fever MUST be gone for 72 hours without the use of fever-reducing medications (this is changed from 24 hours). Please work with your child’s pediatrician.

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